Lowery Well Heads manufactures Well Heads, Tubing & Casing Heads Equipment in strict accordance with The American Petroleum Institute (API) mandated specifications and tolerances. To assure compliance, we have implemented a comprehensive quality control protocol from incoming product inspection to multi-step final testing before shipment. Lowery Well Heads manufacturing facility is qualified under Q1-2801 and ISO-2944 certifications.

About API

The API has served as the national trade association for the oil and natural gas industry in America, since 1919. The Association maintains operating standards and recommended practices covering all segments of the oil and gas industry to promote the use of safe, interchangeable equipment and proven and sound engineering practices.

API Certifications

Designed for manufacturers of production, drilling, and refinery equipment, the API monogram program verifies that licensed manufacturers are operating in compliance with industry standards.




Lowery Q1 Cert