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WellheadsHistory of Lowery Wellheads
George Lowery owned and operated Lowery Machine Shop since the sixties. They did work for Allis Chalmers and other variousmanufacturers in the southwest. His dream was to have a product of his own. Thus in 1979 Lowery Well Heads was born. Mr. Lowery was an experienced businessman who hired experienced help designing and fabricating his new product line of well heads. Mr. Lowery’s life was cut short because of poor health. George’s widow, Paula has kept the business running for the last 25 years, and still takes an active role. Paula and the family have great plans for the future of Lowery Well Heads.

A Letter From The President

Lowery WellheadsApril 7, 2011
Lowery Well Heads quality is #1!
When we machine our well heads we use only precision ground A.P.I. [Stands for American Petroleum Institute] Gauges. This means you get the best threads to the closest tolerances the industry allows. This process includes the top threads bottom threads and the outlets after the well head bodies have been machined. We now have the latest machining technology available. We have just replaced our machinery with new machines that are not only more efficient but will hold closer tolerances. This gives our customers better all around products to ensure quality from the machining process to the drilling floor.

machine6Oil Flangesmachine5We have over a hundred years combined machining knowledge to produce our product, whether it’s milling, lathe work or to make tooling to produce our products. Some of our employees have been working for us for thirty years.
Most of our smaller tubing heads are made out of ductile iron. They are cast using ASTM 65-45-12.
Our foundries are located in the Midwestern part of the United States, this ensures our customers we only use domestic foundries so a good quality casting is what you are buying when you buy a Lowery well head, meeting a National U.S. standards. Slips are the most integral part of the wellhead; they hold the casing or tubing to ensure a good grip on the pipe. We use solid bar a hot finish 1018, 1020 conforms to ASTM A 576 is a low carbon steel which has good case hardening properties. ASTM stands for American Society for Testing Materials. After machining our slips they are then heat treated to a Rockwell C scale for hardness testing to a 47-52 and .020 to .025 deep. This heat treat process ensures that our slips are going to perform to their maxim load weight. We require only domestic made material so we can hold these types if tolerances which gives our customers a quality product they deserve.
Our casing heads are made from heavy wall tubing a grade of 1026 hot finished seamless tubing that meets ASTM standard of A 513. Here again we request domestic material so we can meet the standards we have been giving our customers the last thirty years.
WellheadsTo sum up these explanations of our product quality we try to ensure our customers get the very best they deserve when they purchase our line of well head products. We have been leaders in our field of engineering and technology for the products we produce. We are proud to put stickers on our products that say “MADE IN THE USA”. We believe as Americans producing American made products is what our job is all about, and not to proud to say so.
I want to personally thank our customers for the commitments they have made through these long years we have been selling them our products. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time to come. We are always looking for ways to increase our product line to make it easier for your purchasing requirements, by giving you the best quality products you deserve, my name is on it.
Mark Lowery
Lowery Well Heads Inc.

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